Paddle boat in Naperville

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San Antonio, Texas

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Austin, Texas

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Picture a Day

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So when I think of my picture a day blog -sometimes I think I failed because I really technically only made it about 1o months, but then I think about how awesome I am for actually posting a picture a day for 10 MONTHS!  Regardless it has been a year since I started this little blog.  I’m glad I posted a picture a day through our trip to Europe last summer and when we first got to Chicago, but really I can’t think of what I would post a picture of now.  I’m pretty sure it would get old to see a picture of the lovely traffic I sit in for hours daily, or me watching awesome uplifting shows like Bachelorette.

So now what? I guess just blog like a regular person.  Granted I’m pretty sure the only people that look at this blog are my mom and in-laws.  So I guess this blog is for you guys, your welcome Mom!

A little update on life..

May – (sorry still crappy iphone pictures)

In May we got a visit from Brad and Cindy.  We had a blast!  We did a TON of walking and enjoying the city on warm spring nights.  They came during the Nato Summit so we ran into protestors everywhere we went.  Brad loved this, and I think he secretly wanted to join in.

Rainy Walk along the lake

Springfield, IL to check out Abraham Lincoln’s house.  It was a long hot drive with a broken AC, but the museum was pretty cool.

These two have so many of the same mannerisms it is kind of scary.  There were multiple times that I looked over and they were sitting in the exact same position.

They gave us a “tour” of all the places they had lived in Chicago.  I made Brad get out of the car so I could get a picture of him in front of one of the places they lived while here.

Not pictured it all of the great food we ate that weekend. When they landed one of the first thing Brad said is that this weekend in all about eating, so we ate.  It was fabulous!

Phew that was a lot of work – no wonder I’m such a lame blogger I must not be very good at it because a post takes way too long to do.  I’ll have to finish the rest of May/June update later.



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Sometimes having a husband is like having a kid.


You pick them up dinner

You sit in the car and wait for their basketball practice to be over so you can drive them across town. 

Then you drop them off at school.

See sometimes having a husband is just like having a kid!




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We always have so much fun when my  Dad comes to down.  He likes to party, and we like to party with him!  We got to spend sometime at the Candy Show (he was here for work) and loaded up on a bunch of candy.  Then we got to go to a cubs game Monday and a Bulls game Tuesday!



MS Walk

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Today we got to volunteer for the MS walk.  We helped set everything up and ended up doing a LOT of manual labor.  I was SO sore the next day!  Luckily we got to drive a golf cart around all morning.   Image